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HalloweenHouse-prototypeMCSHow do you start a project? Me, I typically start with a thumbnail sketch and depending on if the project is complicated and involves expensive or one-of-a-kind materials, might make a prototype/model out of a cheap material to make sure that all the angles and parts work together. Right now, I’m working on a tutorial for an etched dichroic glass bird house with a copper roof so here’s my prototype out of foam core and thin aluminum. The pieces all fit so now it’s on to cutting the glass and copper. I’ll post more pictures as the tutorial progresses!


Big News – Mad Craft Skills Printable Resist Featured in Glass Patterns Quarterly

Glass Patterns Quarterly Spring 2013


WooHoo!! The latest issue of Glass Patterns Quarterly features my article on using Mad Craft Skills Printable Resist! It’s a wonderous thing and I am so honored to be included in this highly regarded magazine. Here’s a link to where you can buy your own issue of the magazine.

How To: Framed Etched Dichroic Glass Panel

Maiden-and-Knight-by-Carmen-Flores-Tanis - MadCraftSkills.com

 A few weeks ago, I had just finished etching a piece of dichroic and wanted to attach it to a bigger piece of glass but didn’t have the time to do a tack fusing. What to do? Adhesive foam strips! So next time you need a quick gift and don’t want to fire up the kiln again try this project. It’s super easy to do and is easily customizable with your own favorite image, frame or colors. Also adding a large background or “mat” is one of my favorite “craft cheats”: not only does it make a small piece of dichroic look bigger but it focuses the viewer’s eye to the middle making the image the center of attention. And even more bonus –  because you don’t have to worry about glass compatibilities, this is a fun way to use up some of that huge stack of scrap glass that I know you have!

Here’s how:

Framed Etched Dichroic Glass Panel


  • Decorative Frame
  • Glass – for the background cut to fit the decorative frame (I used a piece of irid)
  • Dichroic glass – for the center piece
  • KoolTak Adhesive Foam Squares –  1/2″ x 1/2″ x 1/4″
  • Mad Craft Skills Printable Resist / Etchall
  • Image of your choice


Maiden and Knight Framed 3D Etched Glass by Mad Craft Skills

  1. Etch the center piece with your selected image using Mad Craft Skills Printable Resist and the Etchall. (For this piece I used clipart from the Dover Publications book “Classic Children’s Book Illustrations” which I etched onto a piece of CBS Red/Silver Blue dichroic. I then fire polished the piece to 1325° to gloss the edges and to make the dichroic really come alive.)
  2. Add four pieces of the adhesive foam squares to the back of the dichroic glass. Remove the release papers to expose the adhesive on the back of each foam square .
  3. Adhere the dichroic piece onto the center of the larger background piece of glass. This will make the etched center glass pop forward and add an interesting dimension.
  4. Add the decorative frame and you’re set!