Stacked Etched Glass Panel August 16 by Carmen Flores Tanis
Mad Craft Skills ““Stacked Etched Glass Panel” – including using Mad Craft Skills Printable Resist!

• One session class – Saturday August 14, 2014
• taught at CBS Coatings by Sandburg in Orange, CA

In this class you’ll learn fun etching techniques while creating a whimsical glass panel which features focal dichroic elements and a multi-plane background. You will practice different ways to etch including using resists and direct application of the etching cream. Plus you’ll be introduced to Carmen’s exciting new technique for etching artwork onto glass using a laser printer and Mad Craft Skills printable resist. You’ll etch non-fusible glass and fusible dichroic glass, practice using ring saws and grinders and then combine the etched components into a finished piece ready to display at home in a window or on a tabletop. These panels require no fusing but firing schedules will be discussed for creating your own project variations later on. And once you know some new glass etching tricks, no piece of glass or mirror will be safe from your magic!    
 ***Class consists of one session – (9 am – 4 pm). Feel free to bring a bagged lunch!

*** All levels welcome – $100 plus $30 materials fee

More details here:

For signups call CBS at 714 – 538 – 0888